Findxbot - information

Findxbot - information

If our bot has visited your servers - don't worry your site is not under attack, our servers are just working hard to include your site in the index. This way people will be able to find your site with Findx.

Findxbot - user-agent information

Topic Description
Name findxbot
User-agent Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Findxbot/1.0;)
IP address
IP address
IP address
IP address

Robots.txt support

Robots.txt directive Supported
Allow Yes
Disallow Yes
Crawl-delay Yes
Host No
Clean-param No
Request-rate No
Visit-time No
Indexpage No
Sitemap No

Allow Findxbot (example)

User-agent: Findxbot
Allow: /

Don't want your website in our new search engine?

If you don't want your pages indexed by us, then please specify this in your site's robots.txt file, or block the IP addresses listed above.

Disallow Findxbot (example)

User-agent: Findxbot
Disallow: /

More about robots.txt

We launched our public beta version in May 2017, and have added nearly 2.5 billion pages to our index - this number is growing daily! We've experienced a lot of creative webmaster tweaks, here are some of the subtle challenges with robots.txt that webmasters should be aware of.

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