Search exits !x

Search exits !x

A search exit is a way to quickly exit Findx and search other sources.

Just type !x in the search field, and findx will forward you to that destination. It can be handy if you know which site you want to search on, or when you don't see any useful results from Findx.

Search exits by category


Exit Destination
bi Bing Images
f Flickr
i findx Image Search
yai Yandex Images
yi Yahoo Images

Information Portals

Exit Destination
q Quora
so Stack overflow
w Wikipedia
wbg Wikipedia български
wcz Wikipedia česká
wde Wikipedia deutsch
wdk Wikipedia dansk
wel Wikipedia ελληνικά
wen Wikipedia english
wes Wikipedia español
wet Wikipedia eesti
wfi Wikipedia suomalainen
wfr Wikipedia français
wgl Wikipedia galego
whr Wikipedia hrvatski
whu Wikipedia magyar
wit Wikipedia italiano
wlb Wikipedia lëtzebuerger
wlt Wikipedia Lietuvos
wlv Wikipedia Latvijas
wmt Wikipedia maltese
wnl Wikipedia nederlands
wno Wikipedia norsk
wpl Wikipedia polskie
wpt Wikipedia português
wro Wikipedia română
wsk Wikipedia slovenský
wsl Wikipedia slovenski
wsv Wikipedia svensk


Exit Destination
bm Bing Maps
gm Google Maps
here Here Maps
m findx Maps
osm Open Street Map
yam Yandex Maps
ym Yahoo Maps
Exit Destination
b Bing
bd Baidu
ddg DuckDuckGo
g Google
gat Google Österreich
gau Google Australia
gbe Google Belgien
gbg Google България
gca Google Canada
gch Google Schweiz
gcy Google Cipru
gcz Google Česká republika
gde Google Deutschland
gdk Google Danmark
gee Google Eesti
ges Google España
gfi Google Suomi
gfr Google France
ggr Google Ελλάδα
ghg Google Hrvatska
ghu Google Magyarország
gie Google Ireland
git Google Italia
glt Google Lietuva
glu Google Luxemburg
glv Google Latvija
gmt Google Malta
gnl Google Nederland
gno Google Norge
gpl Google Polska
gpt Google Portugal
gro Google România
gse Google Sverige
gsi Google Slovenija
gsk Google Slovensko
guk Google UK
wolf Wolfram Alpha
y Yahoo
y.de Deutschland
ya Yandex


Exit Destination
a Amazon.com
auk Amazon.co.uk
e Ebay.com
euk Ebay.co.uk
s findx Shopping


Exit Destination
fb Facebook
ins Instagram
li Linkedin
p Pinterest
r Reddit
t Twitter


Exit Destination
who Who.is


Exit Destination
bv Bing Videos
v findx Video Search
vi Vimeo
yav Yandex Videos
yt Youtube

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