Findx online help

Findx online help

Findx cares about your privacy. We offer a set of browser extensions, apps and an independent search engine that you can use to take back control of your privacy when you browse and search online.

The Findx Privacy Control browser extension lets you block intrusive trackers and advertisements - it gives you complete control over your privacy when you use your favourite browser.

The Findx search engine is based in Europe and is a truly independent search engine - it is not a metasearch engine. The search results that you see are not tracked and are completely unbiased. It is built into the Findx Privacy Control browser extension so you can easily keep your search history private too.

The lightweight Findx apps for mobile let you browse and search in private while you are on the go.

Findx lets you:

  • Search the web in private, without collecting data about your online activities
  • Block the trackers that collect your private information without your permission
  • Search for products, images and videos in private
  • Find locations and plan routes in private

Findx does not:

  • Profile your behaviour by collecting IP addresses or device information
  • Know what you did last summer

Try Findx now

Findx is in public beta, and you can try searching in private now findx public beta

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You can also join the community, give feedback and learn more about online privacy forum.privacore.com

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